Tuesday, 27 October 2009

blast from the past!

I will keep updating this post with pieces that I am proud of but for whatever reason didn't translate fantastically well as assignments. If you like, comment, if you don't, comment anyway and tell me what's wrong with it, what you would change etc, I would really appreciate it. First up, Air.

Softyle sung harmonies of the siren
Seduce a solitary man
Chilling sensation precedes certain death
Unknowingly takes his final breath
For those fleeting moments before impact
The weight of the world is irrelevant
Reassurance of a better place
Free to float for eternity
Elevated over emotion
Why doesn't everyone follow my direction?
Careless freedom is the only path to perfection

1 comment:

  1. FFS, the first word is meant to be "softly". You know what they say, go as you mean to go on! Also I don't think I can edit posts, grrrrrr.