Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Inspiration strikes at the most inconvenient of times

Ok so I've been racking my brain for something to submit to 6sentences, and seeing as most of the stuff I write is poetry I've kept drawing a blank. I have to be in uni at 9, I tried to fall asleep at 1 and something was chattering away and I gave in and started writing. This is a draft of a piece titled "Portrait". Tell me if you think I should submit, redraft or scrap the idea, thanks in advance.

Surrounded by pictures of sunny disposition, my gaze rarely meets others. A glimpse from the corner of an eye and I'm mistaken for an emphatic display of apathy. I'm not an idyllic moment in time, captured in frame. Instead, a makeshift harbinger of joyless existence. Yet, on an enthusiastic nail, deeply rooted with no intentions to venture towards another part of the wall is where I'm placed. This is where I belong, on view, perfectly adjusted, open to interpretation.

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  1. its good that dan realy, strong images get it submitted